Week Twenty Two of My New Life (Supposedly)

Below is a copy of the email I have sent to Mark and Davene with a copy to Lydia Johnson.

“It is with much sadness and reluctance I am sending this email but I have decided to relinquish my Pay it Forward MKMMA scholarship. I have found that I cannot Pay it Forward as I have experienced quite a few difficulties this past fortnight. At the moment my wife and I live on an aged pension and this past week we have used all our water up in our tanks and went to pump water from our spring hole and found our pump had a power surge and was burnt out so the result was that we had to find $500 to replace it.  At the moment we live fortnight to fortnight with not very much left over for incidentals. I have truly enjoyed the MKMMA journey but as yet have not found the Hero in me because I have been too slack to get everything done. It is not fair on my wife to insist on paying out when we are struggling at the moment.


I have come to know some incredible fabulous people on this journey and will miss the association.


The other issue that you may have read in one of my blogs is I foolishly had a credit card compromised but will hopefully be resolved partly by the credit card company but it has put me further in debt.


Thanking you for all your help and input to my life over the last five months.”

I will try to continue my blog but perhaps not in the current format. I have immensely enjoyed my time and who knows I may come back again next one in September with plenty of knowledge of what is involved. I apologise for not getting to all the comments on my blog and I will attempt to comment on them because I still have all the links in my email.

Perhaps if I had been a bit more diligent with the MKMMA I may not have been in this predicament and only God knows that.

Again I thank everyone for the support especially Lydia Johnson my guide.




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Week Twenty One of My New Life

I am dragging the chain this week and I am late posting my blog. Why is this so, well I have been helping my wife in her new business called Arbonne and I have decided to join her in this business because I am putting so much time into it I might as well because any network marketing company is usually as good as the other and I have done a lot of research into this one and found it to be excellent.

I have found that this week I am natures greatest miracle and it is true although it is difficult to assimilate and is a huge shift in my thinking. This makes me practice LOT Learn, Observe and Think. Albert Einstein said there is only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though every thing is a miracle.

When you believe in the Creator Jehovah God you realise and it does’t matter how you look at it everything is a miracle. Just take the human body for instance the make up of  it is an incredible miracle and it amazes me how wonderfully made we are. King David said “I shall  laud you because in a fear-inspiring way I am wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, as my soul is very well aware.” (Ps. 139:14)

The average person doesn’t believe in miracles but Albert Einstein did and he is believed to be the most intelligent person born. Even the atom is a miracle and yet it is mostly empty space.

This week and last week the concept of using Fear, Hurt Feelings, Anger, Guilt and Unworthiness as tools and we are going to find how to use them next week although I haven’t a clue how we can do this. Mark indicated that some members seem to be grasping the idea but I must be a bit dense. So I will anxiously await how we will do this.

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Week Twenty of My New Life

I have certainly had week of it. I have given no opinions, I’ve had my compass hanging around my neck every day,I’ve crossed out all the wills in the GS, I’ve  had a great conference call with Lydia and her and I guess my group, I’ve printed out all the downloads from the MKMMA site. I love the Paired Comparison chart and I’m not going to do one of my own because Mark’s was so good I am just going to copy his because I am in Network Marketing and it suits me down to the ground. I have read the Master Keys but I realised I have been a fox all the week and been doing too much multi-tasking but I will get into the alliances tonight. And I am now writing my blog.

So these are the things that I have done this week and I will probably get disqualified for the things that I haven’t done this week. So what is my excuse for not doing them and bear in mind that you only need one excuse for not doing things. First of all I have had to go to town four times this week remembering that I have to travel 55 KLMS each way and then one time for spiritual food and as I mastermind with a group of people on Sundays that takes just about all day. Another day was to take my wife to the doctors for a follow up about  her Basel Cell Carcinoma then another day because I forgot to take one of my scripts for my prostate cancer and that night my wife was getting pain spasms down her leg so the next day I took her in for a massage to releave  the pain. Now this would be OK if my wife had a drivers licence but she doesn’t.

You may remember that I wrote in another blog about getting scammed. Because I am a bit strapped for money because I had been looking on the internet at trading sites what happens is because the internet is so interactive people get to know what you are looking at I then had a guy ring me up and talked me into looking at his binary options site but I told him I had no money  but he convinced me more fool that I am to invest $200.00 dollars to do some trading on Binary Options  so he then said he would get another guy to  help me to do some small trades and in true con man style I didn’t realise he was just there to soften me up because he said we need to take it slowly and only trade 10% of my bank so that was OK and one a small trade then I didn’t hear from him for a few days and the next thing I know another guy rings me says the other guy has been moved to another dept. and this guy was to come in for the kill I didn’t think at first much of this but he then convinces that we need more money to make bigger trades to make some money faster. So what does he do but gets me to put in $950 US on my Credit Card and we do a few trades that a few win but more lose than win so although he said I OK’ed it but I know I didn’t he accessed my credit card that he had on file and took $2000 US and put into my trading account. He then puts in $2500 of what he calls bonus money which is a way of alleviating  my fears so then he starts getting me to make all these trades.

There are four long term trades that don’t expire until the 27/2/15 but if they win which I doubt I wont see a penny of that money. So slowly the bank goes down from $6600 to $1350 as we keep winning an odd one but losing most. So the night before last I started to tell him over Skype that I didn’t think much of his trading skills that he said he had 10 years trading experience. Now I blame myself for this blunder my 28 year old grandson who is an IT and internet expert said he thought it might be scam but he went and had look at the site and he said it looks OK but didn’t go any further than their site.

I put in for a drawing of $1000 US earlier but what did he do but cancelled it and said we have to make some money What did he do after I called him out well because I thought what the hell there is only $1350 left in the bank so he gets me to make another four trades of $300 each well when I checked this morning they all won so he is still buttering me up.

By this time my suspicions have well and truly raised their ugly head. Instead of concentrating on MKMMA I decided to do some research this morning. A bit late I know. I did a google search for their name under a list of Binary Traders and they don’t even appear on a list of unregistered traders in fact they don’t even appear any where in the world. I went to the GoDaddy site to look up who owns the website. I found that but that does me no good any way because the site address is in Anguilla owned by a guy called Adam Levi. A great site that I got some information from which I should have gone to before I started down this path is.http://www.binaryex.com/binary-option-scams/and the company Ftrade.com doesn’t even appear in the attached list.

So what am I going to do about this. Not much , well it was a great lesson for me to learn. It has made me think about Fear, Hurt Feelings, Anger, Guilt and Unworthiness. Fear – I have none, Hurt Feelings – Never have hurt feelings like water off a ducks back, Anger – I never get angry it’s no good for my heart, Guilt –  Yes I have felt guilt a few times but because I have a Positive Mental Attitude I get over it quickly,  Unworthiness – I have never felt unworthy in my whole life.  I have too much to offer to the people I know.

To finish this off I have put below the message I sent to him on Skype this morning that he won’t get until Monday afternoon AU time.

“Well Thomas I consider the scam has been exposed. I should have done my homework before I started this business but alas I didn’t. You have not only scammed me but you are also a liar. Ftrade is not a regulated Binary Options Trader and the company does not exist any where in the trading world because although late in the day I have done my due diligence and done many searches this day. You said to me that the other side gets the money when I lose a trade but that is a bald face lie but in fact you get to keep the money. I may have been a fool not to do this checking in the first place but you and your slimy mates like the first guy that contacted me (Can’t remember his name) and he then sent Alexander Becker in to soften me up and then you took over to finish the scam. Then the bloke that owns Ftrade.com Adam Levi is probably in on it too. How you can lie  straight in bed is beyond me and I am a great believer in Karma and what comes around will go around and you will get your’s some where down the track. Thank goodness for websites like this http://www.binaryex.com/how-brokers-make-money/ Now if I am wrong I will apologise and I would have to see that $1000 put into my Credit Card Account before I would even consider an apology and if you have any integrity as you kept telling me you have. I might not have been very smart but I do know my way around the Internet because I have been playing with computers even before the internet was created.              Regards                                                                           Barry White”

There were many other things I was doing as a Fox this week that had me distracted from concentrating on MKMMA. Too many to enumerate.


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Week Nineteen of My New Life

We had a week off but I didn’t catch up very much and I’m still living this day as my last and trying to do the things I must do on my last day. I’m being grateful for my wife as well as the rest of my family. I certainly never have had any regrets in life and I know many people that do and that is where people become fearful living in the past. My son was engaged to a girl that was that had lost uncles and aunties all in a short period of time and couldn’t get over it. My son couldn’t hack it any longer and ended the relationship. He is a very positive person and when you live with a negative person for a long time it gets you down. He had an accident at work three years a go and has been on Workers Compensation all of that time. He had a back operation which was a failure and has been on pain killers like Endone and Lyrica. His doctor wanted to put him on anti depressants but he refused because though he deserves to be depressed he is so positive  and is always helping others out.

I have watched the movie “Finding Joe” but as to the other one “I Am” I haven’t been able to find it but I read the story of Tom Shadyac on Google. He certainly made a turn around in his life and really simplified it. I will keep trying to find it because I believe it would be very interesting.

Up until this week I did not know what my Bliss was and I thought it wasn’t my DMP but Lydia Johnson had a conference call with some of her group and it was a fantastic call and we all came up with a description on what we worked out to be our Bliss and the in end I realised how it really related to my DMP.


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“I will live this day as if it is my last.” Og in scroll marked V was certainly dramatic.All of us if we knew we going to die that day we would certainly wouldn’t wish we had spent more time at the office or in a mundane job. I know I certainly wouldn’t. There are so many things Og says that cannot be done on your last day. It is certainly a morbid scroll but so true. There were a couple of times I thought I might be living my last day but did I do any of things that Og spoke about. No I just accepted the possibility and the inevitable but certainly not fearing it.

He says “I have but one life and life is naught but a measurement of time. When I waste one I destroy the other. If I waste today I destroy the last page of my life. Therefore, each hour of this day will I cherish for it can never return.” Very wise words indeed.

This week has been a disaster. But do I really care because it is just a few more challenges to overcome. I lost Google Chrome three times this week because of some bad extensions but my grand son is a very smart computer tech who helped me out. In fact he is dangerous on the internet. Peoples passwords are not safe around him.

Someone hacked my Facebook and Chrome locked me out and I had to create a new pass word. Then I had my credit card more or less scammed (mostley my fault) and I have no credit left on it so I’m in trouble with “She who must be obeyed” because she won’t have any grocery money until the pension arrives.

Another issue I’ve had is this week I first up clicked on this weeks video and started to watch it and got side tracked and now I’ve gone back to watch it several times and it just wont play for me, I don’t know if it is my end or the Kabjabi site.

Mark misses out on the Pay it Forward week and I’ve asked for time to pay and if he doesn’t let me this may be my last blog post for MKMMA although I will still keep blogging. So just in case I will bid everyone goodbye it was great knowing all of you wonderful people.


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Week Seventeen of My New Life the Hero’s Journey

One doesn’t often get the chance to become a Hero but I have embarked on my journey but I have to kill off my old self to accomplish becoming a Hero. The Lessons to read this week are Lesson 9, Lesson 10, My choice, Press Release and Battleship, Emerson or my Choice, My Choice or Emerson and My Choice or Emerson. Certainly some reading and revision is always good because it is repetition for  emphasise.

I always wear my compass around my neck so it is always with me and I also carry my Franklin Makeover spreadsheet so I can mark it each time I witness a kindness or any of the other Virtues listed and I carry the picture of my vision board so I can pull it out whenever I need a bit of inspiration.

I purposely buy shirts with two top pockets so I can carry the above items in one pocket and my smart phone in the other one.

The challenge this coming Monday is get up by 6:00 AM as America wants to watch the Super Bowl and they will all be as Hannel says they will be chanting to their Football god. You can probably gather I am not a fan of football. On that  note I am off to bed as I have to get up early tomorrow.


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Week Seventeen of My New Life

All sorts of challenges again this week. I lost my Outlook Program which had my login details to MKMMA and foolishly I hadn’t saved it any where else to top it off I couldn’t  reload Outlook because the DVD drive on the computer had carked it. I downloaded Windows Live email client to the computer to have a way of using my primary email address but it doesn’t let you save Webinar reminder times automatically. Lydia Johnson my guide kindly sent me the link to get back into MKMMA Dashboard. Computers are an incredible invention but can be so frustrating and time wasters and are nearly as bad as Waste Book  as the fabulous Davene calls it.

Another thing that has taken a lot of my time this week is the fact my wife has started a Network Marketing Business called Arbonne and she has nominated me as her IT expert and you know what they call an expert “A Drip Under Pressure”.

I took all the WILLS out of Og this week to make it read in the present tense. I never understood the reasoning behind this until another member put it up on his blog which now makes so much more sense that we should be living in the present.

I was very interested in the Master Keys this week where Hannel spoke about the various gods and it is so true what he says in the introduction:-

We of the twentieth century worship a God of Love in theory, but in practice we make for ourselves “graven images” of “Wealth,” “Power,” “Fashion,” “Custom” and “Conventionality.” We “fall down” before them and worship them. We concentrate on them and they are thereby externalized in our lives. The student who masters the contents of Part Seventeen will not mistake the symbols for the reality; he will be interested in causes, rather than effects. He will concentrate on the realities of life, and will then not be disappointed in the results. 

Then there is the football gods, the cricket gods and the movie star gods and as Mark speaks about the MLM guru gods but the true God Jehovah must be a bit disappointed in mankind when all the worship is directed away from him because as the bible says in part.

“All those desiring to live with godly devotion in association with Christ Jesus will also be persecuted.” (2 Timothy 3:12)
True Christians generally are not popular and never have been. Why not? The apostle John told his fellow Christians: “We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” Satan the Devil is also portrayed as “a roaring lion, seeking to devour someone.” (1 John 5:19; 1 Peter 5:8) Fear of man is one of Satan’s most effective weapons.


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Week Sixteen of My New Life

I am a unique and there is non like me as they say they broke the mould after I was created and this happened on the shortest day of the year in the middle of winter seventy six years ago..

In Ps. 139:14-16 King David described the information needed to build a human body as being written in a figurative book. Speaking of Jehovah God, he said: “Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing, as regards the days when they were formed and there was not yet one among them.” (Ps. 139:16) Understandably, David was moved to praise Jehovah when he considered the way his own body was created. The discoveries made by scientists in recent years have only added to the awe we feel when we contemplate the way that Jehovah made us. These discoveries give us added reason for agreeing with the psalmist who wrote of Jehovah: “I shall laud you because in a fear-inspiring way I am wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, as my soul is very well aware.” (Ps. 139:14) Really, how could people not see that creation reveals the existence of a living God?

As I read more of the scriptures it helps me more and more to manifest spiritual growth as part of my DMP. As part of this weeks assignment was to show kindness as well as looking for kindness that others show.

As a Christian we are admonished to show the fruitage of the spirit and it goes like this at Galatians 4:22-23  On the other hand, the fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, KINDNESS, goodness, faith,  mildness, self-control. Against such things there is no law.

As we can see one of the fruitage’s is Kindness that we are to show.

We were to add more cards into our pile relating to our DMP and the way we were to write them out was to make our subbey work harder as well as ourselves by leaving one item off each index card so it would help us to manifest our DMP.


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Week Fifteen of My New Life

What a mucked up week what with visitors and I love to see them but they sure take up time, going to town to do essential things, trying to do jobs around the house with my bad bad back and getting it ready to put on the market. It takes me all day to do things I used to do in a couple of hours, although five months ago I couldn’t do anything so at least I have an improvement because of taking the magic product I am selling in my MLM business.

I loved  this week where we were asked  to add more index cards to our pile about things we are grateful for as well as more things we have accomplished in our life.

Tuesday morning here in AU I attempted to connect up with my group under Lydia Johnson but alas although I got connected to the conference call and had the right time and the right phone numbers and the conference people said I was the first attendee  to connect and they keep saying I was connected to the right access code but no one else came on but apparently the conference was going on but mysteriously I wasn’t connected to it, so the gremlins must have been at work.

They must have realised I have been slack this week and I didn’t deserve to be connected. Well I will have to have my backside up and get stuck into things this week.

My wife has never showed any interest in any MLM businesses I have been in and I have been in many over the years and I suppose you could call me a MLM junkie  but this week my niece in law has showed her the products from Arbonne  and she has all of a sudden become interested. Maybe because all women like to look good and I am certainly impressed with their product range. I will help her but no way am I going to sell cosmetics or skin range. Maybe it is a “MAN” thing.

I will have to upgrade my other computer for her because I am on the good one all the time. I will put more memory and a SSD in it so it will run faster. At the moment you could go and make a coffee and a cut lunch while it is booting up.

On many of the blogs I notice a lot of members are making great progress but I have yet to see any great progress in my life, but I am trying to hang in there and hopefully see some changes soon. As Mark keeps saying that you have to give more to get more.

I am always near the deadline for posting my blog but I guess the old blueprint keeps getting hold of me.

Because of things happening I missed the digital connections webinar so I am waiting for the replay to be posted.


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Week Fourteen of My New Life.

This week was my intention too watch the assigned movies I have so far only watched one and that is “Door to Door” about Bill Porters life. He was certainly an inspirational man who I could relate too. I spent twelve months selling cookware and vacuum cleaners door to door and as I said in the alliances I didn’t have a disability so he was all the more inspiring.

One of the things I did was as Og says in Scroll Marked III “I remember the ancient law of averages and I bend it to my good,”. I had very good success using this law selling cookware and vacuum cleaners and I kept a record of my achievements and my averages where 10:5:3:2 that was ten doors knocked on five appointments three demonstrations or displays and two sales in a night, I worked with a group of sales people and we knocked on the doors during the day and did the appointments usually of an evening.

I was taught to sell by an old Rena Ware salesman who ran the sales team. He used to put a tape recorder in my shirt pocket and would send me into a door and then listen to what I said and what the householder would say and he would say to me don’t say this or that and it became scary how I would make appointments without really trying. I became the top salesman for retention of sales because when I got into the house I would spend anything up to 30 minutes getting to know the householder on their likes and dislikes. All the young salesman would end up getting every second sale cancelled. The people I was working with changed over from cookware to vacuum cleaners.

I gave up this work because I was spending six days a week going all over the country and it was too much time away from my young family. This gave me a great basis to becoming a company representative where I was home full time.

On this Law of Averages a great book written called “Questions are the Answers” by an Australian author and expert on body language Allan Pease who has written several books, someone who spent his first years in sales from the age of eleven. When he shifted to Network Marketing he developed a visual aid on the back of his business card to find out their “Primary Motivating Factor” and after showing them the visual aid he would ask them the “Five Golden Questions.”

PMF Five Golden Questions

I bought this book several  years ago and here is a link to the book.  http://www.peaseinternational.com.au/Questions%20Are%20The%20Answers

Using this in conjunction with Marks videos should kill Net Work Marketing and make it a great success.

I was looking for the movie Rudy but found this speech he gave at YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wi_5CxqVtCU. and he was talking about the  “Old Blueprint” but he called it “Goofy Thoughts” and he starts with these Goofy Thoughts at about 10 minutes into the speech. I thought it was a great speech and well worth watching.


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